Why Cruises Are a Great Multi-Generational Vacation Idea

Planning vacations can be tricky-especially when trying to accommodate all your family’s interests and needs. If you’re stuck on where to head for your family vacation this year, look no further than a cruise! Cruising is the ideal multi-generational vacation for all members of your family to ensure that everyone has fun at their own pace!

The best reason to go cruising with your family is the never-ending entertainment options! No matter what you and your family enjoy, you can feel confident that there is always something that each member of your family can have fun doing. While each cruise ship is different, there are some staples that most cruise lines typically offer:

  • Watch a show: Cruise lines pay to have actors, singers, and entertainers come along for the ride to perform in nightly shows. In fact, you can even check out some Broadway shows (like Mamma Mia!) on Royal Caribbean’s ships. The best part? All these shows are included in the price of your cruise fare! And they’re the perfect opportunity to have fun with the family or keep it just to the adults.
  • Have a spa day: For family members looking to relax, the spa is the perfect destination. Cruise ships offer spa treatments and packages ranging from facials to massages and more. If you don’t want to spend the extra money on a treatment, simply head into the sauna to sweat it out!
  • See a movie: Almost all ships will offer nightly movies out on the outdoor decks. It’s a great opportunity to watch a film, hear the sounds of the ocean, and gaze up at the gorgeous night sky above! Plus, you can bring any food or drinks from the buffet or casual restaurants.
  • Take a dip: If you’re going cruising, you’ll have to take advantage of the pools and jacuzzies on board! Ships will have at least one pool on the lido deck featuring one or more hot tubs adjacent to the pool. Some ships will also have a second pool at the back of the ship to overlook the water. By the pool, you’ll be able to soak up the sun, grab a bite from the food stands, and rinse off in the outdoor showers at the end of the day. If your whole family wants to lounge by the pool, make sure to get there early enough to snag chairs next to each other before it gets too busy! For your more adventurous family members, some ships will even have water slides to keep the fun going all day long!
  • Take an educational class: Did you know that many cruise lines offer courses in skills such as cooking, photography, videography, languages, and lectures on a variety of topics? This is an amazing offering that every member of your family can take advantage of to learn something new while out at sea!

When on a cruise, the ship will usually make several stops (otherwise known as a port of call) at different countries/locations along the route. During these stops, you are free to head off the boat and explore the destination. Many cruises will also plan excursions for port days that you can participate in with the whole family. While you’re always able to hop off the ship on port days, you also have the freedom to stay aboard a typically less crowded ship. When a cruise ship is docked, most people get off to relax on the beach or explore the area, which means the pools are less crowded and the spas usually offer a discount.


The freedom to explore or relax on port days makes cruising ideal for family members of all ages. Plus, if your family does decide to split up for the day, you can always meet back up at night for a delicious dinner on the ship and some nighttime entertainment!

It’s not uncommon for a family to have different food preferences and dietary restrictions which can make planning meals difficult. On a cruise, you don’t have to worry about any of that! Many people say the 24/7 access to delicious food and drinks is one of the best parts of cruising, and they are not wrong! From buffets to ice cream shops to fully loaded bars, you can truly never go hungry (or thirsty) on a cruise.


Unlike other vacation options where you spend a lot of time on your feet, cruises are a great opportunity to really get some quality time with all your family members. You will be stuck on a boat together after all! From pool days to excursions at your stops to spa treatments and dinners, there is plenty of time to catch up with your family and have some fun together. Most vacations do not offer this level of time spent together which makes cruising the ultimate multi-generational vacation idea.



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